After the 5 day return window all wigs/sheitels are final sale, which means that after the 5 day return window has closed, the wig cannot be returned to Cosmopolitan Wigs under any circumstances.
Please diligently check the specs of the wig as soon as you get it; this way if there is any quality issue or if there is something wrong with the construction of the wig that was not caught initially by us, we can ensure that you do not end up with a faulty wig after the 5 day return window has closed. Any quality or construction issues reported after the 5 day return window is over will be the responsibility of the buyer.´╗┐

Please note: due to the nature of processed Brazilian hair, we cannot guarantee the success of ANY color job done on our wigs. Please test a patch of hair before coloring any wig to ensure that the desired color will work with the hair.