"I am newly married and had already purchased three different wig types from different companies. None of the wigs felt “me.” I decided to check out Cosmopolitan and see if they had anything that I could feel more myself in. To say I found that would be an understatement. Now, I don’t feel like I have something on my head, it just feels like my natural hair. I am obsessed with the fit, color, length, and feel.

10/10 would recommend them!"


"I recently bought a wig from Bassy at on of her pop-up tours, and I was so impressed by the way she helped me through the entire process. She helped advise on style, color, and fit, without ever being overbearing or pressuring. I was really struck by Bassy’s attitude towards the wig industry. She is genuinely there to help you, and she makes this obvious by the way she treats her customers, as well as her pricing and general attitude towards the wig business.

Thank you Bassy!"


"Bassy’s knowledge of the inner workings of the wig business combined with her willingness to provide the customer with a transparent buying experience is unmatched in the arena of client-SheitelMacher relationships. I used to think that an expensive wig = a good wig. But, from working with Bassy I learned that what I really should be paying for is pristine product, superior customer service, and nothing else. And, I should actually know WHAT I’m buying.

Thank you Cosmopolitan Wigs for setting this new standard."


"I hadn’t purchased a new wig in over 10 years and I was terrified at the whole prospect; spending hard earned and saved money, having a vision of what I want to look like, and the gamble of it all. Bassy was incredibly patient and made the entire process painless. She really listened and understood my fears and needs, and taught me the ins and outs of wigs and hair along the way. My Cosmopolitan Wig looks unreal and it’s the best I’ve ever felt in a wig.”