We’ve been there, you purchase a sheitel in a moment of excitement. You pour loads of money into customizing the wig, dreaming of how perfect it will look and feel. As time goes on, the wig just doesn’t sit right, it doesn’t fit properly, and you just can’t get it to look as good as it did in the salon chair. You are frustrated, stressed, and tired of trying to make your wig work. Not to mention, out of cash for this project. Our hope is that no wig goes unworn ever again. We promise to do everything in our power to ensure that your purchase is the right piece for you.

This all starts with the buying process; when you order a Cosmopolitan Wig you are allotted 5 days to try on the wig, bring it to your local Sheitel Macher or salon, wear it around your house and get a feel of what the wig will be like once you make it your own. If within those 5 days you decide that the purchase you made is not the right piece for you, please feel free to send it back, return shipping is on us!

All you have to do is request a return through the website. Once approved we will email you a prepaid shipping label. Slap the label on the package and send it back to us as soon as possible. If the label has not been scanned by the end of the 7th day, we will cancel the return and the wig will be final sale.

Returns which will not be accepted:
  • Any wig which is not in the original form which it was sent:
    1. The wig may not be cut or colored
    2. The wig cannot be worn outside of your home (besides for bringing it to a hair professional to discuss options)
    3. All of the construction of the wig must be in tact (unless there is a prior issue which must be mentioned prior to requesting a return)
    4. The wig cannot dirty or damaged in any way
  • A return request was not initiated within the 5 day period
  • A return which was not scanned by the shipping company by the end of the 7th day
Please note, our return policy does not apply to made-to-order pieces. All made-to-order pieces are final sale, unless otherwise agreed upon at the time of sale.